WWDC 2015 – Breakthrough releases and facts

WWDC is WorldWide Developers Conference held by Apple every year. In WWDC 2015, Apple introduced some of its most premium and innovative products with their updates. Apple is making roots in every tech markets. From smartphone to smart watches, Apple is pretty much certain to be a tech tycoon.


Check below details about most important releases of WWDC 2015.

iOS 9:

Apple released its most latest and advanced operating system for its products i.e iOS 9. iOS 9 is smarter and much more faster. iOS 9 shows that Apple has given so much important to make it more intelligent. The prominent part of iOS 9 is Siri. Even though world is already under spell of Siri’s intelligence. By far Siri is the best consumer virtual assistant. But now Siri is much more intelligent than before.

Good news about iPad users is multitasking ability of iOS 9. Another important feature of iOS 9 is updated Map App that includes transit directions too.

OS X El Capitan:

Well this release was not considered as major one. This OS X has not entire new operating system. Only few tweaks were made in its predecessor to make it El Capitan. As per experts, only forty percent improvements were made in performance are. Some little advancements were also made in usability Apps. The promising feature is multitasking just like iOS 9.

Apple iWatch:

iWatch is the most awaited product of year 2015. Tech lovers were extremely anxious about this device. Like other Apple products, obviously iWatch is also smartest and stylish device. iWatch is pioneer in smart watch era. New updated version of iWatch 2.0 can have native Apple apps. It means that it does not need iPhone to function as whole.

Apple Music:

Apple has this long lasting relationship with entertainment. I feel with stylish devices and apps, Apple has shown respect to entertainment like no body else. Apple started this tradition with iPod. iPod gave whole new dimension to mp3. So does iTunes. Now Apple has launched its Spotify competitor known as Apple Music. With Apple Music, artist can share their music, pictures and videos with their fans. Users can also enjoy 30 million songs available on iTunes. Users will enjoy free trial of three months and then they have to pay 9.99 Euros per month.


Well tech experts were not expecting this. Release of Swift 2 as open source programming language was unexpected event for everyone. Swift  2 is supported by iOS, OS X and Linux.

Keep an eye on iOS Store for such posts.

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