Three Major Storylines for Euro 2016

With a little less than two weeks from the European Championship expectation and anxiety are building up everywhere. This year’s tournaments in France will be iconic and memorable for more than one reason. For starters, let’s explore three major storylines which we expect to unfurl during the Euro Cup 2016.


  1. Disgruntlements regarding game format

The complaints have already been brought to forefront by Cristiano Ronaldo who questioned the 15 day long gap between the last friendly and the first game of the European Championship. Plus the qualifying rounds went on for no less than 18 months which makes it extremely detailed, dreary and despairing. Although this time the qualifiers brought quite a breath of fresh air as there were quite a few unexpected turns. Slovakia beat Spain and Albania beat Portugal in the qualifiers with Netherlands being excluded from this year’s Euro altogether. Over the next few weeks the 24 qualifying teams will be reduced to 16. This will keep the games pretty exciting, but nothing’s ever enough to keep people from cribbing.

  1. The Leicester Paradigm

Let’s face it; there are no outstanding teams this year at the European Championships. For those who are likely to oppose, we would like to remind them of Spain’s 2012 Euro winners who made the game quite memorable that year. This is the 2004 Greece effect all over again! Germany recently lost bafflingly to Slovakia 3-1. This makes the games more interesting and challenging as this effect leaves room for new, smaller teams to make their mark in history. For example- Belgium is downplaying their expectations, France is still facing problems in defense and Spain is following suit. Now it is up to new teams like Poland and Czech to make seize the opportunity and make it to the quarter finals and further ahead. we will not miss the France VS Switzerland Live Streaming match.

  1. England: Of Future And Failures

Roy Hodgson is due to declare his 23-man squad this 31 May. With quite a few injuries on his team he will have to make some brutal cuts and include a few not-so-sure names on the list. England still has to come a long way from their World Cup performance if they have to proceed to at least the Semis in the European Championship this time. Hodgson has been known for making groundbreaking decisions which are not always popular. So this time it is hard to say if he will be gambling with luck or simply go by statistics and make safe choices for the final 23-man squad. The one major change Hodgson has brought about is the lower standards of expectations in the country. Going from “We are going to win this” to “We are going to go as far as possible” is not an easy feat, but it definitely lessens the pressure on the national players.

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