How to install Showbox in Apple Devices


Showbox is one of the most famous multimedia applications that is available for free and offers a lot of fun as we go along. We all know that getting the application installed in any android device is just cheese but a lot of people who use Apple devices are still in huge doubts about how to download the application as Apple devices doesn’t support applications to be downloaded from external sources. Well, let us look at what Showbox offers and how to get it without jail breaking you’re your device.

Showbox is just like any other media player

Yes, Showbox is an application which features a very user friendly design which is inspired by the Android Lollipop’s material design. It is very easy to understand, in one tab you have all the recent movies, and in another you have all the T.V. shows and on the top you have a search button. It doesn’t even require any registration or login or anything like that. There are separate tabs for downloading stuff and you even have an update menu where you can see all the latest uploads of movies, T.V. shows or cartoons.

How to install Showbox in an iPhone or iPad?

Well, there is no possible way to Download ShowBox APK in these devices precisely because it violates the copyright laws and is even illegal in some areas. Showbox was available on Google Play store but it was recently removed from that too, but don’t worry, there is another unofficial version called the MovieBox which is an exact copy of the ShowBox and is available in the Apple App Store too.

How to Install Showbox in Mac?

This one is a tricky thing to do as to get Showbox, the first thing that we have to do is install BlueStacks, which is an android emulator. Installing it would allow users to install Android applications in the Laptop. After successfully installing the BlueStacks application in the laptop, you can now install Showbox in your laptop and enjoy uninterrupted fun hours with movies, T.V. shows and much more.

You can download movies on your computer using torrents and stuff like that but for that you have to keep hunting for the good print which is the HD or the DVD prints which is released after few months but instead you can download Showbox and have the latest movies downloaded in one go.

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