GTA 6: ALL You Need To Know About The Game


The GTA V was launched around 3 years back, and it is now time that the makers speak about the GTA 6. The fans are therefore going crazy over the wait. So, we have here listed down some information, which is basically all that we know and you should too.


We were expecting the GTA 6 to be announced a little sooner, but, that did not happen and left the audiences rather disappointed. The game is however, in development and is expected to release in mid of 2018, or early 2019. Though there has been news about a delay of as much as 2020, but that should not be the case.

Now that we are expecting the release in 2018, there is a good wait for the trailer and some confirmations as well.

The game is also rumoured to be coming up with a futuristic setting, which would though be a divulgence from the core concept of the game, but would surely bring in some major changes in the setting and gameplay.

There hasn’t really been any news as of now about the GTA 6 and so it is super difficult to predict the location. GTA fans and analysts have however come up with a list, which in itself might seem to be contradicting each other. To start off with a location which is not in the US, the fans have also listed Tokyo and Bogota. At the same time, analysts have now also come up with the thought that it is least likely that GTA will move away from the US.

Next in line is also San Diego, which is something definitely out of the box. The writer Dan Houser on the other hand also dropped hints that the next GTA could be set in UK. So now, there is a lot of predictions going on, the question remains if it is the London or around US.

A special event is expected to be held for the GTA VI next year, and the release is going to be no time before 2018. So as of now, there is enough of time until we hear news about the GTA VI.

Since there is ample of time until we finally see the game, making guesses about the Gameplay is a rather tough task. However, one thing which is for sure is that the GTA VI will see not just minor but major changes in the gameplay considering all the news that is hovering on the web.

As of now, the GTA V is the most successful release from the GTA franchise. Whether the GTA VI will be able to change that or not is what the question remains!

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