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Samsung Galaxy S8 to Ditch the Home Button

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Galaxy S8

After the damage caused by the Note 7, everyone’s got really high hopes from the Galaxy S8, as the flagship of Samsung has never ever been a disappointment for its users. Though this time may be too early to talk about what’s in store for us in the form of the S8, we still do pretty much have an idea of what it’d be like!


Samsung Galaxy S8

While the glass and metal has been the standard design for the Samsung phones, this year might see a major overhaul in terms of design. First of all we have news from a report that the button might be given up on and there might as well be a finger print scanner within the display itself. Guess what that means? Well yeah! The entire front of the S8 might get space to fit in the screen.

The same news was in last year with the makers of Apple as well. chances are that both the flagships next year, the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 might be having an all screen display with the fingerprint scanner within the screen itself.

As much as cool this might sound, we do not know how do both the companies plan on integrating this feature into their phones.

Talking further about the display of the Smartphone, first comes the size. The size is likely to be the regular 5.1 inch for the S8 and the 5.5 inch for the S8 edge. This indeed does give the Samsung an edge over the iPhone’s 4.7 and 5.5 inch respectively. The trend of 4K resolution display remains, and the S8 would not be any different from that. Two possibilities for the S8 are either a 5.1-inch display with a QHD resolution or a 5.5-inch display with a 4K resolution

 Wondering why the difference? Well the fact that VR is the new thing in the year to come, all the up and the highs in terms of the display and resolution is likely to be prevalent. The VR today does not have the right kind of pixels to suit to the QHD display, but if the Samsung phones do switch to the same QHD display, the VR would be twice the better experience than it is otherwise.

The Snapdragon 820 processor does support the 4K display at 60 fps already, and the S8 will only up the entire experience with probably a new processor in the making.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is sure going to be the next big big thing from the makers of the device. The display and design itself shall come in handy and as a huge surprise or may be an even better present!

Samsung release many official galaxy s8 Case, we will choose any one for your device safety.

7 Best GBA (Game Boy Advance) Games of All Time

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The Game Boy Advance library comes with some pretty cool games gracing their portable systems.Here are 7 best GBA games of all time.

best gba games

Super Monkey Ball Jr. Developer: Realism Publisher: SEGA Year Released: 2002

Super Monkey Ball Jr. Developer began on the arcades and on the Marble Madness-inspired action game. The game comes with unlock able features and modes. The videos and audio of the game are not out of the extraordinary. But the development studio made sure that they put in efforts to make it heard in the market.

Golden Sun Developer: Camelot Publisher: Nintendo Year Released: 2001

Golden Sun Developer comes with some amazing videos, a complex story, and dynamic soundtrack. These random turn-based battles enable players for more than half the game play. It made the use of data transfers. Players have found the original series as the best till date and continue to do so.

Ninja Five-O Developer: Hudson Publisher: Konami Year Released: 2003

Ninja Five-O Developer was a game that was nowhere in sight once it was released. Players did not like the game and the response was quiet. However, players loved it for no reason and even today, there is a huge fan following for the game. The actions are designed including Sega’s Shinobi, Namco’s Rolling Thunder, and Capcom’s Bionic Commando.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Developer: Marvelous Publisher: Natsume Year Released: 2003

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Developer is a game that provides you with the ultimate experience. If you love farm games, then this is the game you got to play. Living a full life on the farm as a girl named Natsume is something which you can play using this game. You will want to note that this game laid the foundation for the Nintendo DS version of Harvest Moon.

Legend of Selda: Minish Cap

The Legend of Zelda is a Nintendo system game. Initially it was not well liked and accepted by players worldwide. The team of designers then gave it some tweaking, which really worked out well. They gave it the charm and fun which was lacking in the game. In this game, you will find the ability to grow and shrink.

Designers have used a lot of imagination into the game to give players a glimpse of what the world would be like when you are the size of a bug to give spice to its adventure.

Mario Kart Super Circuit Developer: Intelligent Systems Publisher: Nintendo Year Released: 2001

Mario Kart Super Circuit is a premiere game for the Game Boy Advance. The irony about this game is that, it took few months to release after the system was launched. This was the game Nintendo gave debut of the hardware. It was this game that gave a new experience from the previous 16-bit console.

The work of the designers has to be appreciated here because they came up with an excellent plan to allow four players play the classic SNES courses.

There you go these were some of the best GBA games of all time. Now, since you know these games, hit them.

List of best PSP (PlayStation Portable) Games

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PSP (Plat Station Portable games have been around since the last few years. However, with the developments in technology and the Internet, the demand for their games has gone up leading to their designers in coming up with something special. As we saw with PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games, Sony made a huge gamble with the PSP. Check out our list of best psp games.

best psp games

Though the response was initially slow, it gained fast. The PSP gave players what they had bargained for and provided them with games that were truly exceptional.

Below are some of the best PSP (PlayStation Portable) games.

Half-Minute Hero

Half-Minute Hero like the name sounds is all the time you got to save the world. Sounds less? Well, developed by Marvelous Entertainment, this game comes with your usual RPG conventions. Players need to make use of the 30 second time limit and battle enemies to increase their powers to save the world.

However, you can reset the timer provided you are able to make inroads and move forward in acquiring better gear, and getting rid of enemies at a rapid pace within thirty seconds or less.

Killzone: Liberation

Killzone: Liberation like the name goes is only meant to kill and gain freedom. Today, it is the best action games to be have been made. It uses a top-down isometric shooter which gives points for the best thinking and quick trigger fingers. As a player, you would want to spend some time training before trying the real thing.

Though you have a large range of weaponry to choose from, you will want to always think the perfect way to approach things.

Jeanne d’Arc

Jeanne d’Arc can be said as one of the most demon fighting and magical tactical role-playing game you can find in the market today. Similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre, this game sees players fighting battles using an over world map, leveling their teams, and collecting new team members.

It comes with its own style where players can make use of setting time limits for each battle and skills stones over classes.

Secret Agent Clank

Secret Agent Clank name is XJ-0461. Clank XJ-0461 can literally pull of any stunt you want him to do when you are in trouble. This is a beautiful 3D platform game that provides you with several levels and equipments. There are many weapons and numerous gadgets which enable him to destroy those in front of him.

Mega Man Powered Up

Mega Man Powered Up is unlike what you think, not a remake of the previous game. But, it has redesigned and realigned the game using new graphics, modes of play which allow you to swap Mega Man, and two new levels. You will be glad to know that it also comes with a level editor and the ability to share Mega Man stages created by players with the world.

These were some of the best PSP games which are available in the market. You will want to do yourself a favor and try out these games today.

iPAD AIR 3 release date and wishlist

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As soon as the iPad air 2 launched last year in October we somehow knew that there is going to be a successor to it. And ever since the iOS 10 was announced, the countdown to the iPad 3 had begun. It was very obvious that a new OS would require a new powerful processor which leads us to a new iPad. And this is the iPad air 3 which we all have been waiting for.


So the most likely launch date for the iPad air 3 is in October this very year, although some of the rumors point towards an early launch which might or might not be true, we will know once the device is launched.

Last time Apple tweaked the design of the iPad Air 1 rather than totally reimagining it. The already slim device was trimmed down to 6.1 mm thickness which was the iPad 2. The iPad 2 is the slimmest, slenderest tablet. Now that we know about the iPad 3, is it going to get any slimmer?

Indeed the successive reductions in depth from generation to generation mean the iPad Air 2 reached a milestone. The question is will Apple be able to repeat the same trick for the third generation device?

But then again it seems unnecessary, isn’t it? How much lighter would you want a tablet? Because the iPad Air 2 is already delicate enough that makes us not so sure about its toughness if any more of the body was trimmed off.

There are great chances of the iPad 3 to be bigger than the previous tabs. Probably make a 9.7 inch tab. Huge huh?

It is expected for the iPad Air 3 to be available in three color options: silver, space grey and gold.

Every year we come across rumors that the next iPad will be available in the bright primary colors of the iPhone 7 and every year the people expecting the same get disappointed. We do not expect the iPad Air 3 to be particularly brightly colorful except for the lovely fancy gold finish.

The older iPads have got a processor chip upgrade. Apple pointed out that the iPad 2 is capable  of up to 12 times faster processing than the iPad Air 1 and a staggering 180 times faster graphics!

The iPad 3 overall is expected to be bigger probably not any more slimmer but way faster.

5 Games That You Should Definitely Download

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Everyone love games, be it a computer or a smartphone, we have games in every device. Google Play Store alone has more than 3 Lac games so it is quite obvious to download only the famous games which mean the new and latest great games get neglected. Well, don’t worry as we have got a list of 5 fresh games for android users.


Call of Champions


We all love strategy games and why would we? They offer great pass of time and also some really deep thinking about how to defeat our enemies. Well, there is a new kid on the block, Call of Champions. It is the most intense game ever in the strategy genre. And the best part about it that it is multiplayer so if you want to compete with others, you can even make teams or groups and then go on conquering the world.


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes


Star Wars have always been one of the most favorite movie genres and EA has tried to bring it to the game. What you get in the game is amazing graphics, which is a highlight by EA and full access to all the star wars characters which will fight against each other with your help to win the battle. The characters even have their specialized weapons just like in the movies and all of this makes it a pretty good game in terms of attention to details.


Facility 47


This is a must have game as this has a great story. The game starts with you being stuck in an icy cell where the door is locked and it is super freezing. All you have got is a bottle of pills and a letter which is a clue. If this doesn’t sounds like fun to you then its graphic definitely will as the graphics are one of the most realistic graphic we have ever seen.


Aces Vs Aliens


Aces vs Aliens is all about you and alien invasions that have been happening around the world. You will have to take on all of the aliens in your high class fighter plane that is equipped with a number of weapons. The game offers good graphics and the controls are a joy to work with.


Blendoku 2


If you are confused about getting this game or not, then you got to trust the 4.7 rating. It is a great game which is interesting as well as quite a joy to play. The game is all about colors and what you have to do is complete a puzzle full of colors. The game can be very hard if you are an amateur but once you start to get on, you won’t find it much difficult.

iPad Air Mini 2 Review, specifications and features

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 iPad Air 2 is the latest and smartest iPad launched by Apple. It is the best tablet flagship presented by Apple till now. Apple released this advance iPad in October 2014. It’s faster and thinner. Obviously its Apple product, it is little expensive than its competitors. iPad Air 2 has impressive features and specifications that can justify its price easily.


Check below detail review of iPad Air 2.


iPad Air 2 is pretty much alike its predecessor i.e iPad Air 1. But iPad Air 2 is slimmer and thinner than iPad Air 1. It is so thin than can be passed below hotel room door. Obviously there was little cost to make it that slimmer and that was battery. Well to be honest, iPad Air 2 looks more charming and beautiful than iPad Air 1. It is little fragile than previous version. But don’t be afraid it is not gonna bend with use. Apple is known for its quality work. They make stylish products but not at the cost of hardware. Other features like volume buttons and sockets etc are in same place like iPad Air 1.


We got no doubt about its streamline touch interface. Working on iPad Air 2’s interface is much faster than that of Air 1. It comes with preinstalled iOS 8 – 8.1.3. As iOS 9 has been released by Apple, so iPad Air 2 users can easily update their iPads to iOS 9. There are thousands of apps available on Apple store for iPad. But usability of iPad Air 2 is really great. Flipping from one screen to another has never been so faster before.


Screen of both versions of iPad Air is alike. Just little tweaks have been made in screen of iPad Air 2. First thing Apple did to iPad Air 2 is removing air gaps between screen layers. Secondly, anti reflection has made display of iPad Air 2 just absolutely great. Now reflections can be manipulated and ignore easily.


The real tweak Apple did to iPad Air 2 was its rear facing camera. Yes camera has been updated from 5 mega pixels to 8 mega pixels. Now pictures clicked with iPad Air 2 are more detailed and good in quality.

Touch ID:

Well this is not that much important advancement. But it is real treat for touch ID maniacs. Yes Apple added finger print scanner in home button of iPad Air 2. Now you can unlock your iPad or Apps with this print scanner. Moreover you can make online transactions with the help of this finger print scanner.

iOs 8.2 Jailbreak – how to do i

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Everyone has idea about the security and restriction of iOS devices. We can only download applications and perform actions which iOS allows. Jailbreaking is technique to exploit any bug or flaw in this iOS. As a result, we can have access to iOS root files and manager. In this way we can download additional applications that were not possible to install before jailbreaking.


A special term privilege escalation has been given to jailbreaking. It is like breaking the device from its own jail. Some users think that with jailbreak , their device won’t work normally. But that’s not true. Your iOS device can work normally even with jailbreak. If you will restore your device with iTunes, jailbreak installed on your device will get removed.

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Apple released iOS 8.2 in March 2015. So hackers all around the world are trying to find any bug in iOS 8.2. For version iOS 8.1.3, there was jailbreak. But Apple is so smart, they used Taig JailBreak iOS 8.1.3 as a source of security vulnerability, as a result they fixed bugs on iOS 8.1.3. So you can say that iOS 8.1.3 is unjailbreakable. iOS 8.2 is the extension of iOS 8.1.3, so iOS 8.2 is also unjailbreakable right now.

Jailbreak experts have warned users to stay away from updates. If they are older versions with jailbreak installed, they should not install any newer update. Otherwise they won’t be able to jailbreak their device anymore.

Apple devices are so cool and smart, but users have complaints about iOS restrictions. So with release of iOs 8.2, users are awaiting for the jailbreal iOS 8.2. Right now, there is no official update about release of jailbreak iOS 8.2.

As per source, TaiG who were responsible for jailbreak for iOS 8.1 have made jailbreak for iOS 8.2  beta 1 and 2. But Apple has closed access to beta 1 and 2 since then. Newer betas have been released for iOS 8.2. Interestingly Apple has not fixed bugs for beta 1 and 2. So users should be optimistic as jailbreak experts are trying hard to jailbreak iOS 8.2.

According to TaiG website, they have stated that they completed untethered jailbreak for iOs 8.2. Obviously they are not gonna disclose the bugs they found in iOS 8.2. Otherwise Apple will fix them and iOS 8.2 will no longer jailbreakable.

So question is whether you should install iOS 8.2 update or not. Simple answer is that if you want iOS with jailbreak then don’t do it until jailbreak iOS 8.2 is released.

WWDC 2015 – Breakthrough releases and facts

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WWDC is WorldWide Developers Conference held by Apple every year. In WWDC 2015, Apple introduced some of its most premium and innovative products with their updates. Apple is making roots in every tech markets. From smartphone to smart watches, Apple is pretty much certain to be a tech tycoon.


Check below details about most important releases of WWDC 2015.

iOS 9:

Apple released its most latest and advanced operating system for its products i.e iOS 9. iOS 9 is smarter and much more faster. iOS 9 shows that Apple has given so much important to make it more intelligent. The prominent part of iOS 9 is Siri. Even though world is already under spell of Siri’s intelligence. By far Siri is the best consumer virtual assistant. But now Siri is much more intelligent than before.

Good news about iPad users is multitasking ability of iOS 9. Another important feature of iOS 9 is updated Map App that includes transit directions too.

OS X El Capitan:

Well this release was not considered as major one. This OS X has not entire new operating system. Only few tweaks were made in its predecessor to make it El Capitan. As per experts, only forty percent improvements were made in performance are. Some little advancements were also made in usability Apps. The promising feature is multitasking just like iOS 9.

Apple iWatch:

iWatch is the most awaited product of year 2015. Tech lovers were extremely anxious about this device. Like other Apple products, obviously iWatch is also smartest and stylish device. iWatch is pioneer in smart watch era. New updated version of iWatch 2.0 can have native Apple apps. It means that it does not need iPhone to function as whole.

Apple Music:

Apple has this long lasting relationship with entertainment. I feel with stylish devices and apps, Apple has shown respect to entertainment like no body else. Apple started this tradition with iPod. iPod gave whole new dimension to mp3. So does iTunes. Now Apple has launched its Spotify competitor known as Apple Music. With Apple Music, artist can share their music, pictures and videos with their fans. Users can also enjoy 30 million songs available on iTunes. Users will enjoy free trial of three months and then they have to pay 9.99 Euros per month.


Well tech experts were not expecting this. Release of Swift 2 as open source programming language was unexpected event for everyone. Swift  2 is supported by iOS, OS X and Linux.

Keep an eye on iOS Store for such posts.