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iPAD AIR 3 release date and wishlist

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As soon as the iPad air 2 launched last year in October we somehow knew that there is going to be a successor to it. And ever since the iOS 10 was announced, the countdown to the iPad 3 had begun. It was very obvious that a new OS would require a new powerful processor which leads us to a new iPad. And this is the iPad air 3 which we all have been waiting for.


So the most likely launch date for the iPad air 3 is in October this very year, although some of the rumors point towards an early launch which might or might not be true, we will know once the device is launched.

Last time Apple tweaked the design of the iPad Air 1 rather than totally reimagining it. The already slim device was trimmed down to 6.1 mm thickness which was the iPad 2. The iPad 2 is the slimmest, slenderest tablet. Now that we know about the iPad 3, is it going to get any slimmer?

Indeed the successive reductions in depth from generation to generation mean the iPad Air 2 reached a milestone. The question is will Apple be able to repeat the same trick for the third generation device?

But then again it seems unnecessary, isn’t it? How much lighter would you want a tablet? Because the iPad Air 2 is already delicate enough that makes us not so sure about its toughness if any more of the body was trimmed off.

There are great chances of the iPad 3 to be bigger than the previous tabs. Probably make a 9.7 inch tab. Huge huh?

It is expected for the iPad Air 3 to be available in three color options: silver, space grey and gold.

Every year we come across rumors that the next iPad will be available in the bright primary colors of the iPhone 7 and every year the people expecting the same get disappointed. We do not expect the iPad Air 3 to be particularly brightly colorful except for the lovely fancy gold finish.

The older iPads have got a processor chip upgrade. Apple pointed out that the iPad 2 is capable  of up to 12 times faster processing than the iPad Air 1 and a staggering 180 times faster graphics!

The iPad 3 overall is expected to be bigger probably not any more slimmer but way faster.