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5 Games That You Should Definitely Download

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Everyone love games, be it a computer or a smartphone, we have games in every device. Google Play Store alone has more than 3 Lac games so it is quite obvious to download only the famous games which mean the new and latest great games get neglected. Well, don’t worry as we have got a list of 5 fresh games for android users.


Call of Champions


We all love strategy games and why would we? They offer great pass of time and also some really deep thinking about how to defeat our enemies. Well, there is a new kid on the block, Call of Champions. It is the most intense game ever in the strategy genre. And the best part about it that it is multiplayer so if you want to compete with others, you can even make teams or groups and then go on conquering the world.


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes


Star Wars have always been one of the most favorite movie genres and EA has tried to bring it to the game. What you get in the game is amazing graphics, which is a highlight by EA and full access to all the star wars characters which will fight against each other with your help to win the battle. The characters even have their specialized weapons just like in the movies and all of this makes it a pretty good game in terms of attention to details.


Facility 47


This is a must have game as this has a great story. The game starts with you being stuck in an icy cell where the door is locked and it is super freezing. All you have got is a bottle of pills and a letter which is a clue. If this doesn’t sounds like fun to you then its graphic definitely will as the graphics are one of the most realistic graphic we have ever seen.


Aces Vs Aliens


Aces vs Aliens is all about you and alien invasions that have been happening around the world. You will have to take on all of the aliens in your high class fighter plane that is equipped with a number of weapons. The game offers good graphics and the controls are a joy to work with.


Blendoku 2


If you are confused about getting this game or not, then you got to trust the 4.7 rating. It is a great game which is interesting as well as quite a joy to play. The game is all about colors and what you have to do is complete a puzzle full of colors. The game can be very hard if you are an amateur but once you start to get on, you won’t find it much difficult.